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Using your Linux Knowledge for an Online University Degree

In today’s internet world, it is becoming more and easier to get educated online. If you are interested in any type of education you can go online and get yourself educated. One problem faced by self educated people today is that while you may be very good in what you are doing like most Linux enthusiasts it can be sometimes frustrating if you know the subject matter better than a university graduate but you have not got a recognized university degree. This will forever have impact on your earning power.

You need to make sure that your knowledge is recognized, and the trick to doing this is to put your knowledge into a paper degree recognized by those who matters like employers There is not need for worries because today there are numerous online universities or distance learning programs that you can apply to from reputable universities in the world where you can get a degree online. If your knowledge in Linux is not enough you can also apply to do more Linux training online and you can use these to apply towards your degree as well.

If you have been working with Linux Operating system for some time now and wish to take it further, there some online universities that you can apply and actually go and study online to get your online degree in Information technology, The fun of it is that you will actually get credit for the knowledge and certifications that you have already.

You may ask is my online degree actually going to be recognized. Generally there is no difference between online or offline degree especially in the field of Information technology because most of the things you are going to learn can be thought without the need to be in a physical classroom. The most important thing you must look for in choosing an online university is find our whether these universities are accredited by the world bodies involved in the recognition of universities.

One caution though, a University degree whether online or offline requires hard work so when you come across ads online that promise you an online university degree in 3 weeks or that you can buy a master degree outright for $200 or less then you must start running because that is not possible. If you pay $200 for a degree then don’t be surprised that the degree is not worth more than the paper and ink that is presented with.

he first step to achieving an online degree is to actually look for one through the internet. That can be done by using Google or any other


search engine to locate an online university for an online degree.

You will need to find out if the school you are intending to apply to for online degree is accredited in the united state by going to In the UK you will find more information at After you have verify that the university is accredited then you can proceed to apply to that school for evaluation of your credentials.

This is where you will need to find out if the school is offering online university degree based on life experience. Basically, a life experience degree program means that credits are given for your life experience. For example you if you have been a system administrator in any operating system that can count as a life experience for your online degree. If you have done any thing at all in the IT industry or any other industry, it will be counted as a part of your life experience that will eventually count towards your online degree program.

You will need to write up a nice CV like you are looking for a job and send it to the university while applying online. Remember you are trying to gain few years of university degree credit here so you will need to present a good case to the school for them to feel that your life experience will be enough to award you credits.

Depending on your past experience you will have to do some training online and do few exams in other to get your online university degree. Those of you who already have a professional certification are of great advantage here because many universities actually count these certification programs as part of your training and will award you university credit that will count towards your online degree.

You should also take some time to reflect on yourself, your learning style and your schedule before beginning an online degree program. One of the biggest advantages of online learning is the flexibility; you can schedule class time when it’s convenient for you. At the same time, online classes require as much work, if not more, than traditional programs, so you must set aside enough time for your studies. Also consider how important lectures and in-person discussions are to your learning. Some students thrive in an online environment of e-mail and web forum communication, while others miss the human connection. Finally, think about how well you think you’ll perform without the external motivation of attending class every week. Will you keep on top of your work, or will you let deadlines slide?

Online programs are making university degrees available to thousands who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend college. You can be a part of that number if you proceed carefully.

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