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Xandros linux operating system

Xandros Linux operating system

Xandros linux operating system was created from the ashes of Corel Linux, a fairly successful attempt to bring Linux to the masses back in 1999, but abandoned shortly afterwards when the company ran into financial difficulties. Xandros bought the distribution in August 2001 and released its first and only version in October 2002.

Xandros Desktop is without a doubt the most user-friendly distribution on the market and highly recommended to first-time linux operating system users. While the number of applications included with the distribution is limited, the developers have made sure that they work perfectly. Xandros provides a number of unique enhancements as well as its own file manager and other proprietary components. Two editions are available - Deluxe (US$99) and Standard (US$40), the only differences between the two are missing CrossOver Office and Plugin (a compatibility layer enabling to run Microsoft Office and other Windows products on Linux) and NTFS partition resizing tool (for WindowsXP users) from the cheaper edition.

Pros: Designed for beginners, works out of the box, excellent file manager, CD-burning tools, and other useful utilities.
Cons: Includes proprietary components, which prevents re-distribution.
Software package management: Xandros Networks (DEB), APT (DEB) available, but not supported
Free download: Yes, a limited Open Circulation Edition for personal use only

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