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SUSE linux operating system is another company with desktop focus, although a range of less visible enterprise class products are also available. The distribution has received positive reviews for its installer and YaST configuration tools, developed by SUSE's own developers. The documentation, which comes with the boxed product, has repeatedly been labelled as the most complete, thorough and usable by far. The distribution has achieved substantial market share in Europe and North America, but it is not marketed in Asia and other parts of the world. SUSE was acquired by Novell in late 2003.

SUSE's linux operating system development takes place completely behind closed doors and no public betas are provided for testing. The company has a policy of not making the software available for free download until 1 - 2 months after the boxed versions are in stores. Even so, SUSE does not provide easily installable ISO images of SUSE LINUX, relying on sales of boxed sets to deliver the product to the majority of their users.

Pros: Professional attention to detail, easy-to-use YaST configuration tools.
Cons: Only available in parts of the world from software resellers or via FTP install (usually 1 - 3 months after release)
Software package management: YaST (RPM), third-party APT (RPM) repositories available
Free download: Historically, SUSE did not provide ISOvlinux operating system images for download, but this has changed starting with version 9.1, the Personal edition of which appeared on SUSE's FTP server about 2 months after the official release. The Professional edition of SUSE LINUX is available for installation via FTP, usually about 1 - 3 months after the official release. The FTP installation is not difficult but requires fast Internet connection.

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