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4.2. System Administration and Configuration

Topics covered in this section include:

Section 4.2.1 Configuration / Installation
Section 4.2.2 Benchmarking
Section 4.2.3 Clustering
Section 4.2.4 Backup
Section 4.2.5 Recovery
Section 4.2.6 Security

4.2.1. Configuration / Installation

  • Battery-Powered, Battery Powered Linux Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jun 2003. How to optimize and configure power management on a ready-configured Linux system for use on battery-powered laptops.

  • Bootdisk-HOWTO, The Linux Bootdisk HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2002. How to design and build your own boot/root diskettes for Linux.

  • BootPrompt-HOWTO, The Linux BootPrompt HOWTO

    Updated: Mar 2003. A compilation of all the possible boot time arguments that can be passed to the Linux kernel at boot time. Includes all kernel and device parameters.

  • Config-HOWTO, Configuration HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2001. Aims at making the fine-tuning of your newly installed Linux box quicker and easier. You will find a set of configurations for the most common applications and services.

  • Debian-Binary-Package-Building-HOWTO, Debian Binary Package Building HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 2003. Shows how to build a minimal Debian .deb package.

  • Debian-and-Windows-Shared-Printing, Debian and Windows Shared Printing mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2004. Demonstrates how to use command-line tools to configure your Debian system for printing. It explains how to send documents from Linux to Windows printers and how to share Linux printers with Windows PCs.

  • Debian-Jigdo, Debian Jigdo mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2004. Describes why you should use jigdo (a tool for obtaining Debian ISOs), a little bit about how it works and how you use it to get and update Debian ISOs.

  • Filesystems-HOWTO, Filesystems HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 2000. About filesystems and accessing filesystems.

  • HP-HOWTO, HP HOWTO - Utilisation and Configuration Guide of HP Products under Linux

    Updated: December 2001. Describes the use of products available in the Hewlett-Packard (HP) catalog with Linux and some free software.

  • Installation-HOWTO, The Linux Installation HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2002. How to obtain and install Linux software. It is the first document which a new Linux user should read to get started.

  • Jabber-Server-Farming-HOWTO, Jabber Server Farming How-To

    Updated: Jun 2002. Provide Jabber admins a look into the present and future of Jabber Server Farming.

  • Kernel-HOWTO, The Linux Kernel HOWTO

    Removed: November 2003. This HOWTO has been removed for review.

  • KernelAnalysis-HOWTO, KernelAnalysis-HOWTO

    Updated: Mar 2003. Explains some things about the Linux Kernel, such as the most important components, how they work, and so on.

  • KickStart-HOWTO, RedHat Linux KickStart HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 1999. Briefly describes how to use the RedHat Linux KickStart system to rapidly install large numbers of identical Linux boxes.

  • Linux-Crash-HOWTO, Linux Crash HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2002. Describes the installation and usage of the LKCD (Linux Kernel Crash Dump) package.

  • Linux+XFS-HOWTO, Linux + XFS HOWTO : Linux on Steroids

    Updated: May 2002. Describes how to build a Linux system that runs on top of the SGI XFS journaling filesystem.

  • LVM-HOWTO, Logical Volume Manager HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 2003. Describes how to build, install, and configure LVM for Linux.

  • MultiOS-HOWTO, Managing Multiple Operating Systems HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2000. Covers the procedures for using removable hard disks to install and manage multiple alternative operating systems while leaving a single fixed disk to permanently house and protect the primary operating system.

  • Path, PATH HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 1997. Describes common tricks and problems with Unix / Linux environment variables, especially with PATH variable.

  • Public-Web-Browser, Linux web browser station

    Updated: Oct 2000. Describes the setup of Internet kiosk-type system based on Linux to be deployed to provide public Internet/webmail access.

  • Quota, Quota mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 2003. How to enable file system quota on a Linux host, assigning quota for users and groups, as well as the usage of miscellaneous quota commands.

  • TimePrecision-HOWTO, Managing Accurate Date and Time HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2003. Explains the time mechanisms on Linux, what are time zones, and precision with NTP.

  • Visual-Bell, Visible bell mini-Howto

    Updated: Dec 2001. How to use termcap to configure a visual bell on one's system and describes how to disable audible bells on demand.

4.2.2. Benchmarking

  • Benchmarking-HOWTO, Linux Benchmarking HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 1997. Discusses some issues associated with the benchmarking of Linux systems and presents a basic benchmarking toolkit.

  • CSPM-HOWTO, Complete System Performance Monitor HOWTO

    Updated: Jun 2003. Provides an overview of the Complete System Performance Monitor, including a description of the product and installation and configuration information.

4.2.3. Clustering

  • Beowulf-HOWTO, Beowulf HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 1998. Introduces the Beowulf Supercomputer architecture and provides background information on parallel programming, including links to other more specific documents.

  • Mock-Mainframe, The Mock Mainframe Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Oct 2003. A brief description of a standard way to set up and work with a computer network for a small group of people that is inexpensive to build, easy to administer, and relatively safe.

  • SSI-UML-HOWTO, Creating SSI Clusters Using UML HOWTO

    Updated: May 2002. A description of how to create a Single System Image (SSI) cluster of virtual User-Mode Linux (UML) machines.

4.2.4. Backup

  • ADSM-Backup, Linux ADSM mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 1997. How to install and use a client for the commercial ADSM backup system for Linux/i386.

  • Backup-With-MSDOS, Backup-With-MSDOS mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 1997. How to use a Linux-compatible tape drive installed on an MS-DOS machine to back up the filesystem of a Linux machine.

  • Clone-HOWTO, HOWTO Clone Disk Images on Linux Booted from a Network

    Updated: Sep 2002. Describes a setup that allows a machine to boot Linux from BOOTP/TFTP, using the Grub boot loader, and save and restore disk and partition images to and from a TFTP server.

  • Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO, Linux Complete Backup and Recovery HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 2003. A step-by-step tutorial on how to back up a Linux computer so as to be able to make a bare metal recovery, and how to make that bare metal recovery. Includes some related scripts. "Bare metal recovery" is the process of rebuilding a computer after a catastrophic failure.

4.2.5. Recovery

  • Ext2fs-Undeletion, Linux Ext2fs Undeletion mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 1999. Presents a discussion of how to retrieve deleted files from a Second Extended File System.

  • Ext2fs-Undeletion-Dir-Struct, Ext2fs Undeletion of Directory Structures

    Updated: Nov 2000. Describes a straight forward way of recovering whole directory structures, instead of file by file, that have been removed by a misplaced rm -rf

  • LILO-crash-rescue-HOWTO, LILO, Linux Crash Rescue HOWTO

    Removed: November 2003. This HOWTO has been removed for review.

  • Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO, Linux Complete Backup and Recovery HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 2003. A step-by-step tutorial on how to back up a Linux computer so as to be able to make a bare metal recovery, and how to make that bare metal recovery. Includes some related scripts. "Bare metal recovery" is the process of rebuilding a computer after a catastrophic failure.

4.2.6. Security

  • Bridge+Firewall, Linux Bridge+Firewall Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 1997. A bridge is an intelligent connection wire between two network cards. A firewall is an intelligent insulator.

  • Bridge+Firewall+DSL, Bridge + Firewall + DSL Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2000. Configuring a Linux system to act as a firewall and bridge with a DSL network connection.

  • Cryptoloop-HOWTO, Cryptoloop HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2004. Eplains how to create encrypted file systems using the Cryptoloop functionality. Cryptoloop is part of the CryptoAPI in the 2.6 Linux kernel series.

  • Disk-Encryption-HOWTO, Disk Encryption HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 2003. A method is described for encrypting a hard disk, either in whole or in part, with the encryption key stored on an external medium for increased security.

  • Domain, Setting Up Your New Domain Mini HOWTO

    Updated: Oct 2000. Outlines the things you will probably have to do when you want to setup a network of computers under your own domain. Covers configuration of network parameters, network services, and security settings.

  • Encrypted-Root-Filesystem-HOWTO, Encrypted Root Filesystem HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 2003. Explains how to make your personal data secure by encrypting your Linux root filesystem using strong cryptography.

  • Firewall-HOWTO, Firewall and Proxy Server HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2000. Designed to describe the basics of firewall systems and give you some detail on setting up both a filtering and proxy firewall on a Linux based system.

  • Firewall-Piercing, Firewall Piercing mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2001. Directions for using ppp over telnet to do network activities transparently through an Internet firewall.


    Updated: Jul 2000. How to obtain, install and configure the enhanced IP firewalling chains software for Linux, and some ideas on how you might use them.

  • Secure-POP+SSH, Secure POP via SSH mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 1998. How to set up secure POP connections using ssh.

  • Security-HOWTO, Linux Security HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2004. A general overview of security issues that face the administrator of Linux systems.

  • Security-Quickstart-HOWTO, Security Quick-Start HOWTO for Linux

    Updated: Jul 2002. An overview of the basic steps required to secure a Linux installation from intrusion.

  • Security-Quickstart-Redhat-HOWTO, Security Quick-Start HOWTO for Redhat Linux

    Updated: Jul 2002. An overview of the basic steps required to secure a Linux installation from intrusion (Redhat specific version).

  • Sentry-Firewall-CD-HOWTO, Sentry Firewall CD HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 2003. An introduction on how the Sentry Firewall CDROM works and how to get started using the system.

  • Shadow-Password-HOWTO, Linux Shadow Password HOWTO

    Updated: Apr 1996. How to obtain, install, and configure the Linux password Shadow Suite.

  • Snort-Statistics-HOWTO, Snort-Setup for Statistics HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2002. Describes how to configure Snort version 1.8.3 to be used in conjunction with the statistical tools ACID (Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases) and SnortSnarf.

  • Term-Firewall, Using Term to Pierce an Internet Firewall

    Archived - Last Update: Jul 1996. Directions for using ``term'' to do network stuff through a TCP firewall that you're not supposed to be able to.

  • User-Authentication-HOWTO, User Authentication HOWTO

    Updated: May 2000. Explains how user and group information is stored and how users are authenticated on a Linux system (PAM), and how to secure you system's user authentication.

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