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GNOME Office

GNOME Office is a meta-project, with the mission to coordinate productivity applications for the GNOME Desktop . We intend to produce a productivity suite composed of entirely free software .

The GNOME office suite is not defined by an arbitrary, fixed number of applications. Rather, the suite is defined by our underlying technologies , most notably the libraries these applications share and our component architecture, Bonobo . By permitting multiple applications in several categories, users can select the application most suited to their needs.

  • Gnumeric a powerful spreadsheet application
  • AbiWord a popular multiplattform word processor.
  • Gfax allows you to easily send and receive faxes.
  • Galeon is a fast and standards compliant web browser.
Vector Graphics
Image Viewers
  • Eye Of GNOME is an image viewer.
Raster Graphics
  • Gimp an extremely powerful and versatile image editing program.
  • Balsa is a flexible and powerfull email client.
  • Evolution is an integrated calendaring, email application and personal information manager.
Database tools
  • Dia a structured diagrams program similar to Visio.
Project Management
  • MrProject is project management tool created by CodeFactory
  • Toutdoux a GNU project management tool with database backend.

The different components in the GNOME office are at different stages in their development process, some are either alpha or beta software other are past their 1.0 release. This means that some are more useable than others, but development is extremely rapid and most of the applications will reach a useable state soon.

If you're interested in assisting the development of GNOME Office, or you work on one of the GNOME Office projects, consider subscribing to our mailing lists. The main site for all GNOME office development is the GNOME Office list .
In addition all of the components have at least one mailinglist of their own, you find information on these under each product. .
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