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Fedora Core 1
Sun Java Desktop
Yellow Dog


New Turbolinux 10 Desktop

Turbolinux 10 Desktop (10D) is the desktop linux operating system of choice. Included in the product are many enhancements and tools designed to make the migration from Windows to Linux easy and comfortable. Working in a Windows environment? Click here to Read more


Mandrake screenshots

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Fedora Core 2 beta

Fedora Core 2 test version has been released. This version is built around the Linux operating system 2.6 Kernel and is going to make way for the definative fedora Core 2 schedule for release in april this year. This new version makes use of the new KDE 3.2 desktop. Take a look at Fedora core 2 here and some screenshot of KDE 3.2

Engarde Secure Linux

Guardian Digital, Inc., the world's premier open source security company, announced an update to the next generation, award-winning platform that delivers features designed to ease the process of building

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Which Distributions have the 2.6 Kernel?

The new kernel has arived some months ago now . So lets take a look which linux operating systems Distro's have implementing the new 2.6 kernel. Turbo Linux was the first distro that implemented the new kernel as soon it was released

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Upgrade to 2.6 Kernel

The Linux 2.6 Kernel is now out and it promises to rival Windwos XP. There are features that when fully utilized will pave the way for Linux to match on to the desktops. Click here for the features of the 2.6 kernel or click here to knonw how to upgrade your Kernel Click here to read more

Mandrake 9.2 Installation

With the release of Mandrake 9.2 a few months ago, many are now trying there hands out on this new distros. In this article we are going to take a look at the installation and configuration of Mandrake 9.2 from the Windows user's perspective. Click here to Read more

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