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HA Linux   

Developer: Motorola  
Language: English
Category: Power user
Platforms: PPC, m68k, Other
Description: HA stands for "High Availability" and Motorola's version of Linux is aimed at the market looking for 99.9% uptime on their chipsets.

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   hal91 Floppy Linux   

Developer: Øyvind Kolås and maintained by Yaakov Spiro Distribution Logo
Language: English
Category: Minimalist
Platform: Intel compatible
Description: hal91 is a minimalistic Linux installation fitting on one single 1.44Mb disk.It is intended for use as a rescue disk and a portable linux system. For Intel-based PCs.

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   Hard Hat Linux   

Developer: MontaVista Software, Inc Distribution Logo
Language: English
Category: Embedded
Platform: Other
Description: Hard Hat Linux and the Hard Hat Linux CDK are built from 100% pure Linux components and are maintained and distributed as an open source tool kit. MontaVista ships both source and easy-to-use pre-built binary packages on the same media. Hard Hat Linux includes no hidden proprietary components, and is always completely royalty-free.

The MontaVista Software Hard Hat Linux Cross Development Kit (CDK), version1.2, targets the broadest array of CPU architectures and board and system-level platforms of any embedded Linux development solution available today. Whether you are building Internet appliances, portable devices,networking equipment, telephony interfaces, or other embedded and pervasive applications, you can count on MontaVista Hard Hat Linux to provide robust Linux kernel ports, device drivers, middleware, and development tools to streamline your development effort. These MontaVista products are available for download at:


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   Haydar Linux   

Developer: Haydar Net  
Language: Arabic
Category: Mainstream/General Public
Platform: Intel compatible
Description: Haydarlinux is aimed to be the first Arabic Linux distribution that has the full Arabic support, by supporting Arabic in both localized and enabled faces. Haydar Linux will give all Arabs the best way to enter the Linux world with ease and stability.

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Developer: HispaFuentes Distribution Logo
Language: Spanish
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Red Hat based
Platform: Intel compatible
Description: HispaFuentes is a Linux distribution in Spanish based on the Deluxe version of Red Hat. Comes with all of the documentation translated into Spanish. Includes software packages like StarOffice, Netscape and many others.
HispaFuentes es una distribución en español basada el la versión Deluxe de Red Hat. Incluye toda la documentación traducida al español. También incluye paquetes de software como StarOffice, Netscape y muchos otros.

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   Honung Linux   

Developer: Johan Bogg  
Language: English
Category: Minimalist
Platform: Intel compatible
Description: Honung Linux resides on two floppies and after bootup it works completely from your RAM. It is made to be used in a router, it's based on busybox and it's aimed at being a clean system.



Developer: Vlatko Kosturjak  
Language: Croatian
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Red Hat based, Personal
Platform: Intel compatible
Description: Based on Mandrake Linux, this distribution is best suited for new users that speak Croatian

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Developer: Proyecto HVLinux  
Languages: English, Spanish
Categories: Security enchanced, Minimalist, Slackware based
Platform: Intel compatible
Description: HVLinux is a linux distribution oriented towards servers and network security, It runs in RAM and has a modular kernel for x86 , based on Slackware Linux and contains the minimun set of tools for networking.
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