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Alegro GTkali Kgredit Qstat
Amor Kcheat Loki demo launcher UMR
BattleChat KDEtoys PenquinEyes Wackyd


Allegro 3.9.40
License: GPL

Information: Allegro is a library of functions designed for use in computer games. It is written for the djgpp compiler in a mixture of C and assembly language.


AMOR 0.6

License: GPL

Information: AMOR is an acronym for Amusing Misuse of Resources. It is a small, themeable animation that sits on top of your active window.

AMOR doesn't deliberately waste resources, but, of course, running any program that serves no purpose is wasteful.

AMOR is a KWM module, so you will also need to run KWM or a KDE-compliant window manager.

Also Available: 0.5

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BattleChat 0.13 Rating:

License: GPL

Information: BattleChat is a TCL/TK interface to Blizzard's Battle.Net. Based on bnchat, an old Perl console interface, the GUI offers basic authentication, color-coded messages and who lists, a chat buffer that can be copied, a who list that can be copied, and "squelch" and "whisper" buttons.

Scripting ability is planned for logging on and server lists.


GtKali 1.0.0

License: GPL

Information: GtKali is a Kali client for Linux. It uses both the kalinix library and the GTK+ library.

Kali is a gaming network that requires a free lifetime membership that includes unlimited gameplay and chat features.

Also Available: 1.0.0, 0.9.2

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Kcheat 0.9.1

License: GPL

Information: Kcheat, the automatic gamer cheating system, allows you to search for values like health, scores and gold.

In the games that you play, you can change the values to whatever you want, or even lock them to keep them constant.

Imagine yourself running around Quake 3 Arena with 666 health points, or playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3 with tens of thousands of troops!

No complex tools or guru system knowledge is required. Kcheat and a will to bend the rules is all you need.


KDE Toys 2.2.1

License: Freeware

Information: This program features interesting little diversions for the K Desktop Environment.

Also Available: 2.2.1-1, 2.2.1


kgredit 0.1

License: GPL

Information: Kgredit is a level-editor for KGoldrunner.

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Loki demo launcher

Loki Demo Launcher

License: Demo

Information: This single package contains many Loki's demos. Download, install, update, and play the demos to your heart's content -- all from the same package.

To install the Loki Demo Launcher, download the appropriate .run file and execute it. For example, for Intel (or compatible) based PC's, download the 'x86' version and execute:


During the installation, you may be prompted to install the Loki Update and Loki Uninstall tools, which will automate the process of updating the demos available with the launcher. Finally, run "loki_demos" for the first time and click on "Update Demos" to select and download available demos.

The Loki Demo Launcher is a tool written by Loki Software, Inc., and is offered under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It supports the x86, PPC, Alpha and Sparc64 architectures. Please note that only the binary archives (run files) are supported, and that the source is provided for educational purposes only.



PenguinEyes 0.7.0

License: GPL

Information: This is just like XEyes with a Penguin!

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QStat 2.4e

License: Freeware

Information: QStat is a command line program that displays information about Internet game servers. You can get information on whether the servers are down, non-responsive or running a game.

For servers running a game, the server name, map name, current number of players and response time are displayed.


UMR 0.3

License: Freeware

Information: The Unreal Media Ripper is a utility that rips Music and Sound class objects from .umx and .uax files in Unreal or Unreal Tournament. It rips all of the exports in the files that it understands. Currently that means xm, it, s3m and WAV.

Additional Software Required: Unreal Tournament

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wackyd 1.00

License: GPL

Information: WACKYD is a daemon that rotates the keyboard lights in order from NUM LOCK to CAPS LOCK to SCROLL LOCK. It really serves no purpose other than to drive you crazy.


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