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Linux Wallpaper Collection 1

In this area we gathered a collection of Free Linux Wallpapers and Fun Pics from al around the web. You can click on the gifs to go the Free Linux Wallpaper of your choice and just download the Linux Wallpaper. There are more then 500 Free Linux Wallpapers and Fun Pics to download So take a pic.

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linux Pictures and Wallpapers - page 1:
Linux wallpaper Tux - the one and only Tux - the one and only
[??? x ???, ?? Kb]
Linux FR wallpaper

[1024 x 768, ~488 Kb]
Linux has you! Linux has you!
[??? x ???, ?? Kb]
Never be alone
Never be alone

[1280 x 1024, ?? Kb]

Linux wallpaper Cropcircle - Tux
Cropcircle - Tux linux

[1600 x 1200, ?? Kb]

Windows XP + Tux (by liftoff studios) Windows XP + Tux (by liftoff studios) [??? x ???, ?? Kb]

Big Tux wallpaper Big Tux - from

Aqua Tux (in clouds) Aqua Tux (in clouds) - from
Kde - clean and bugfree
Kde - clean and bugfree
Gnome - colorful
Gnome linux- colorful
KDE in Matrix styleKDE in Matrix style
[800 x 600, ?? Kb]

Linux wallpapers

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