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Founded in 1993, Red Hat is the premier Linux and open source provider. The most recognized Linux brand in the world. We serve global enterprises through technology and services made possible by the open source model. Solutions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating platforms, sold through a subscription model, and a broad range of services: consulting, 24x7 support, Red Hat Enterprise Network. Red Hat's global training program operates in more than 60 locations worldwide and features RHCE, the global standard Linux certification.

What began as a better way to build software--openness, transparency, collaboration--soon shifted the balance of power in an entire industry. The revolution continues. Today Red Hat is the world's most trusted provider of Linux and open source technology. And that technology is pervasive, running systems of all sizes, and, more than ever, powering mission-critical computing in the enterprise.

For many, the name Red Hat epitomizes Linux, as it is probably the best-known Linux company in the world. Founded in 1995 by Bob Young and Marc Ewing, Red Hat, Inc. has only recently started showing signs of profitability, due to services and its Red Hat Enterprise Linux product line. However, Red Hat Linux 9 was the last version in the Red Hat Linux product line, which was replaced by Fedora Core in late 2003. While Fedora is officially sponsored by Red Hat, it is developed with community participation, has a short life-span and serves mainly as a testing base for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

What is so special about Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core? It is a curious mix of conservative and leading-edge packages put together on top of many knowledge-intensive utilities developed in-house. The packages are not the most up-to-date; once a new beta version is announced, the package versions are frozen, except for security updates. The result is a well-tested and stable distribution, the beta program and bug reporting facility are open to the public and there are several mailing lists. Red Hat Linux has become a dominant Linux distribution on servers around the world.

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