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Guardian Digital, Inc., the world's premier open source security company, announced an update to the next generation, award-winning platform that delivers features designed to ease the process of building a complete Internet presence and the level of security necessary to prevent system compromise. EnGarde Secure Linux leverages open source applications available to provide secure Internet connectivity, user privacy, Web and email functions, and intrusion detection.

"The proactive security improvements inherent into its design are one of the primary factors in the success of EnGarde," writes Pete O'Hara, vice president of engineering at Guardian Digital. "Coupled with the most sophisticated open source Web-based management system, EnGarde consistently protects users from even debilitating kernel security vulnerabilitiesl."

EnGarde features secure web-based management of all functions, including Internet edge services (Web, DNS, email), integrated intrusion detection, cryptography, improved authentication and access control, as well as protection from many forms of intrusion such as buffer overruns and denial of service attacks. Enhanced availability and access control mechanisms delivers a potent combination suitable for the largest enterprise.

"Security management is an essential component of any successful online operation. Mitigating security risks through the use of a dynamic, rapidly-evolving development process bolstered by collaboration of the open source community provides the most efficient form of protection," writes Paul Brisson, orthopedic spinal surgeon, New York Spinal Care. "EnGarde Secure Linux and its secure-by-design approach combined with the security benefits engineered by Guardian Digital offer the best in proactive protection," continues Brisson.

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